Adventures in Dangerous Art: Glass Galleries Links List
I'm learning the art (or is it a craft?) of stained glass. At this weblog, I record progress, note useful links, and document flesh wounds.


The Art League
Where I took a lead class and a 3D construction class.

Weisser Glass Studio
Where I buy supplies, and where I took a foil class.

Virginia Stained Glass Co.
Where I buy supplies if I happen to be in Springfield and if they happen to have what I want.

Great prices on supplies, a lively and helpful Glass Chat message board, and excellent Technical Tips on stained glass tools and techniques.

Glass Galleries Links List
A list of Glass Chat users who've uploaded photos of their work.

The StoreFinder: Stained Glass Store Front
Lots of articles. Tutorials
Even more articles. Particularly recommended: "Anatomy of a design" and "Wood frames."
Courtesy of Google Groups.

Nancy's Beginner Tips and Tricks
Scoring, breaking, soldering, finishing, and more.

Splinter Removal Tips

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It's a glass cutter.
The following list is of users of Warner-Crivellaro's Glass Chat forum who have galleries of their stained glass work on The list was originally maintained by a very nice lady named Cleo who no longer had time to maintain it; all credit for its compilation goes to her. There are a couple of other users of the forum who have said they wanted to do something with the list; if that happens I'll link those versions on this page too.

The list is below is the one Cleo gave me, minus dead links. I'm still planning to build something to let you submit sites for inclusion on the list (including non-PictureTrail sites)... when I get good and ready to get around to it. 'Til then, you can always me with questions or comments; see the bottom of the page for contact info.